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Here is what I’m fighting for in South Colonie


Called to serve others

After growing up in the Capital Region and serving his community in the Boy Scouts, Nathan served his country as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Navy, helping keep America’s fighting men and women safe from Guatemala to Japan.

Nathan later served in the White House under Vice President Joe Biden and used the GI-Bill to attend Harvard Business School. He now helps residents of the Capital Region secure good-paying local jobs in the information technology sector.

Nathan is running because he is proud of his community and is ready to serve it again.


Improving our Quality of Life

The promise of Colonie is a higher quality of life at a lower cost of living, but that promise is in jeopardy. This election is about restoring that promise and rebuilding our infrastructure.

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Join our campaign

If we’re going to make change, we’re going to need to build a grassroots movement. Please join us to help phone bank, knock on doors, and share our vision for a better Colonie with our neighbors.

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